DIY Burlap Banner

DIY Vintage Bachelorette Party Burlap Banner

This is such an easy, inexpensive project that looks fabulous for vintage décor.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 yard of burlap or cream fabric


1 package of large white doilies

Acrylic Paint

Printed Letter stencils*

Flat sponge brush or cotton balls


Hemp String

Paper Plates

{all can be found at your local craft store or in your home already}

* I used a font called Carnivalee Freakshow Regular. Download the font, type the bride’s new last name, and print. (I printed several different sizes because I wasn’t sure exactly how large I wanted the sign to be).

1. Cut out your letters ** Be sure to cut around the letter because we will use the outline of the letter as a stencil to sponge onto the fabric**

2. Draw a large triangle with a black marker on your fabric. Once you have the size you want, use your first triangle to trace the remaining triangles.

3.  Stencil your letters onto your fabric with acrylic paint using the cut outs you made in step 1. I used cotton balls to do this because I really like the texture they give.

4. Sponge your doilies with acrylic paint to match your letter.

5. After your paint has dried, cut small slits on each side of the first triangle. Do this for the remaining triangles.

6. String together the doilies and the triangles with the hemp string. Tie knots after each triangle and doily to keep them in place when hanging.

{The great thing is that you can use these not just for bachelorette parties but for holidays and birthdays as well – just change up the fonts, colors and fabrics to make all kinds of creative signs}

(source: indulgy, etsy, swap-bot, happenings)


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