Best Make Up Brushes

Want a new set of brushes that are very affordable and excellent quality? Sigma Beauty has the best affordable make up brushes on the market right now. I first heard about Sigma Brushes in a magazine and immediately put them on my Christmas list. After two years of using the Sigma brand brushes, I am still in love. They are in great shape and work just as good as the day I unwrapped them. I recommend any brushes from Sigma, but the Face Kit is my favorite. See my review below for more detail:

Sigma Face Kit Brush Review:

1. F70 Concealer: This brush is designed to help conceal small areas that are the hardest to reach. However, I find this brush to do wonders for eye shadow. I just love the way it applies my eye shadow. It holds enough shadow to go across you entire eye in one swoop {although I do two coats}.

2. F50 Duo Fibre: The Duo Fibre is designed to create an airbrush effect on the skin. Although many people use this brush to apply powder in liquid or cream form, I simply use this brush over my face after I am done applying all of my make-up. It helps take off excess make-up and gives your face a nice airbrush finish.

3. F30 Large Powder: This soft, fluffy brush gives you even, light application and uniform blending when applying powder. I tend to use this brush strictly for bronzer because it really helps me evenly apply bronzer to my face in a thin layer. After you have owned the brush awhile, you tend to get a bristle or two left behind on your face. That is the only downfall of this brush; however, this is the best brush I have found for bronzer.

4. F40 Large Angled Contour: The Angled Contour brush is perfect for cheek application. I use the angle to softly contour my cheekbone with blush. This brush is a tad large for my cheeks, but overall, I am very satisfied with how it applies blush.

5. F60 Foundation: The F60 is by far one of my favorite brushes. I have looking for a great foundation brush that would not break the bank for years. Every other brush I have tried always leaves tons of bristles behind, but not the F60. It has a very smooth application for my liquid foundation and holds enough make up that I can easily finish a fourth of my face in one try. This makes putting on my make up a little faster in the morning.

To buy your own set of Sigma Brushes, or individual brushes click HERE.


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