Kristi Jennings. Kristi and I went to the same high school all four years, but never really hung out with the same people. Then, my first year in San Antonio, we started hanging out through mutual friends and our friendship grew from there! Kristi is like my (girl) other-half just being around her calms me and makes me excited for life (even if that includes doing absolutely nothing).

Blanca Sanchez. Blanca and I met in my junior year at college and lived together my senior year. When I hang out with Blanca, we always have way to much fun. Whether we are just watching a movie or doing something random, she constantly makes me laugh. Blanca is someone I can always count on and i love her laugh!

Melissa Bauman. Melissa and I actually became friends through youth group at church and Senior year we were inseparable (we had dinner every Wednesday at Subway and then went to teach SPARKS at church– because of this I cannot walk in a Subway without thinking of her). Melissa is someone I could not see for months and still roll with laughter the second we see each other. She brings so much joy and happiness to my life and I love her dearly!


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